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Congratulations to all Cute Baby Vote Photo Contest winners. A verification email will be sent to each winner within 3-5 business days after the announcement of the result. Please reply back to the email at the earliest. Also, an email will be sent to Top 20 entries for the Winning E-Certificates and those participants whose votes are more than 3,000 for the Participation E-Certificates. Here on the result page, we will show only Top 3 winning entries and a link to Top 20 entries.

If Some participants will see a decrease in their total number of votes then please don’t contact us because that decrease is due to the proxy votes or deduction of more than daily limit votes on a particular day and our decisions are final.

The winners are selected on the basis of final votes. Final votes are calculated on the basis of Cute Baby Vote VotesInvalid Votes (proxy votes or more than daily limit votes in a particular day). There are eight layers of fraud protection for voting in our system. So the deserving candidate wins the competition. We would love to hear from you. You can contact us anytime if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestion regarding the contest.

Anishk Gupta
Rank 1
August 2021
Rank 2
August 2021
Rank 3
August 2021

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