Prize Details – Cute Baby Vote

Top 10 Entries to be declared as winner every month in Cute Baby Vote Contest based on the maximum number of votes.

For the gifts and certificate, you will get an email from us to your registered email address for the identity verification to verify your baby age and some necessary personal information to process your gifts and certificates. We request every winner to reply at the earliest with the required information.

1st Position

Surprise Gift + Winning E-Certificate

2nd Position

Surprise Gift + Winning E-Certificate

3rd Position

Surprise Gift + Winning E-Certificate

4th to 10th Position

Winning E-Certificate

Above 4,500 Votes

Participation E-Certificate

The items in surprise gift can vary on monthly basis. The E-Certifcates are the electronic version of winning & participation certificates for the winners. We will send two copies of E-Certificate in your registered email, One copy is in PDF format with which you can take a printout of E-Certificates on some good quality photo paper if you want to frame it & hang on your baby special room, Second copy is in PNG format so that you can post it on social media to amaze your friends and family members. Once the gifts are shipped from our end, you will get an email from us with tracking number and shipment details.

Registration is open till August 18, 2019 (11:59PM) & voting is open till August 31, 2019 (11:59PM) for August month contest. Result will be declared on or before September 07, 2019.
New Contest Rule Alert: Maximum of 500 votes per day counted in the final result.
People who are voting continuously by changing IP address with the help of mobile data connect/disconect option and then repeated refresh of your entry page are removed from the contest immediately as we have vote logs for each entry with time and we can easily found those votes.
Winning Tip: Share the entry on Facebook/WhatsApp & Other Social Media Channels by using the sharing button on the bottom and get more votes to win the contest.
Top 10 entries are selected as winners and will be rewarded with gifts and certificates on the basis of maximum number of votes received.
Participation Certificate will be given to all the participants whose CuteBabyVote votes are more than 4,000 for August month contest.
Voting done through Proxy servers is strictly prohibited, We have vote logs for each entry and if we found continuous voting or repeated refresh of your entry page then your entry will be discarded with immediate effect.

Do you think that your baby is a little cutie & under 10 years age?

Do you have questions regarding Cute Baby Vote? Read FAQ carefully & get your all questions answered.