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Registrations Open For June's Contest

India's No. 1 Online Voting-Based Baby Photo Contest

✅Free Entry 🧒Age upto 10 yrs 🎁Win Gifts & Certificates 💸Prizes worth ₹25,000 🏆51 Winners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please take some time to read the FAQ section below. If your question is not answered here then please feel free to contact us.

How do I participate?

Fill out the form and upload your cute baby photo and submit your
entry. Click here to participate.

Is there are any participation or entry fees?

No, The entry to the CuteBabyVote photo contest is completely free for all from any part of the world.

Is the contest open for all countries?

Yes, We welcome entries from all around the world.

What are the baby age requirements for contest?

CuteBabyVote is open to kids aged between 0 – 10 years.

How do I vote?

Search for your baby entry in the entries page or open your baby voting link & click on the CLICK TO VOTE button on voting page.

How many times I can vote?

Everyone can vote after every 30 minutes till the voting ends.

Why I am unable to vote after 30 minutes?

Sometimes your web browser save cookies & cache in your device. So you need to clear your browser history & cookies/cache and then try again to vote.

Why is my voting button deactivated?

Because you have reached your hourly vote limit. Voting protection is mandatory for all the participants of CuteBabyVote. Hence, the voters can vote within the hourly vote limit. The voting button will be activated next hour.

What is hourly vote limit?

The hourly voting limit will change every day. If the hourly vote limit of the participant is reached, then the voting button will be deactivated & activated next hour. The participant cannot get votes more than hourly vote limit.

Why is my entry de-activated?

It is because of suspicious activity found by our voting system in your voting logs. This entry is deactivated due to fake/proxy/spammed votes which is against our contest rules.

When my entry will be re-activated?

Entry will be activated between 2 days to 1 week with the final warning. We have vote logs for each entry. At the time of result, all votes will be validated, and cheats will be removed. Contestants with genuine votes wins the contest.

What are the Prizes for the winners?

Every month CuteBabyVote declare 51 winners on the basis of highest votes and reward them with Exciting Gifts, Amazon Shopping Vouchers & Certificates. View prize details page for more information.

Why I see Login with Facebook or Google to vote?

We have robust and authenticated voting system to ensure a fair play and spam-free environment in CuteBabyVote. In order to improve fairness between the contestants and give everyone the equal opportunity to win, the voting protection via Facebook login or Google login is mandatory for the top entries to get votes. These protections can be applied to any contestant at any time in case of spam voting detection.

How to share baby voting link?

To share baby voting link with friends & family on social media or anywhere you want, Open baby voting link & click on the sharing buttons below CLICK TO VOTE button.

What are invalid votes & how you detect them?

Cheat votes are the votes which are done through spamming or proxy servers. We have 8 layers of protection in our voting system. We have the vote logs for each entry in the contest. If we detected cheat votes then we will deactivate or may remove entry from the contest. Double of the cheat votes will be deducted in the final result.

How do you calculate final votes?

Final votes are calculated on the basis of CuteBabyVote votes – Double of cheat votes (if any).

How to check current rank/position and votes ?

You can go to your baby voting page and you will find your baby current rank and votes above CLICK TO VOTE button. The rank will update every 1 hour and minimum 30 votes required to view the rank.

What is competitors list?

Competitors list shows your nearest competitors in the contest and minimum 30 votes required to view the competitors list. The list updates every 1 hour.

Can I enter the competition even if I have won before?

You cannot enter the contest if your baby have secured under Top 20 position in our previous month contests.

When do you announce the result?

Result will be declared on the 15th of the next month. For example: the result of October contest will declare on 15th of November.

My baby has won a prize, when will I receive it?

Congratulations! The winners must claim the prize from their voting page within 5 days after the result is announced. In case of no claim, we will cancel the prize for the respective winner.

What is the eligibility for the participation certificate?

You are eligible for the participation certificate if your votes are more than 999.

How to download the participation certificate?

To download your participation certificate, please click here and follow the instructions.

I’m not able to download the participation certificate?

After the announcement of the result, you will have 15 days to download the participation certificates. If you have problem while downloading, kindly contact us anytime.

How to win CuteBabyVote Photo Contest?

Without your friends & family support, you can’t win. So if you want to win you need to share your baby voting link with your friends & family on Facebook, WhatsApp & other social media platforms and ask for their support via votes every 30 minutes. You can send a frequently reminder to them on WhatsApp every hour by making a WhatsApp group.

What is Winning Certificate & how can I get that?

Winning Certificate is with photo and will be given to those contestants who secured Top 3 positions. Winning certificate will be sent to your registered email ID after the verification process of the contestant.

How can I verify the authenticity of my Winning Certificate?

You can verify your certificate with unique reference number which you can find on your winning certificate. You can click here to verify your certificate.

My question hasn’t been answered here

We’re sorry about that. Please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.


Registrations Open For June's Contest

India's No. 1 Online Voting-Based Baby Photo Contest

✅Free Entry 🧒Age upto 10 yrs 🎁Win Gifts & Certificates 💸Prizes worth ₹25,000 🏆51 Winners