Home Remedies Vs Artificial Medicines – Be your own Doctor of your Child

Home remedies are the home made treatment you can use to cure various health and beauty problems. We should use home remedies because they are less risky to use and have minimal side effects. These are as old as man, also popularly known as Gharelu Nuskhe.

Let us understand this way:

1. When it comes to hygiene, health and nutrition; you prefer to eat home made food rather than eating at restaurants. Why? Because you know when you cook food at home, you are cooking in a clean place, wash vegetables properly and you know what kind of ingredients you use. You feel assured because you know that you have used healthy ingredients for cooking.

2. The same goes for home remedies; for example, if you want to get a good result you can either try home remedy or buy artificial medicines. Artificial medicines may contain harmful chemical , whereas if you use honey or ginger etc, it will not harm you as they are natural ingredients .

Thus, go for home remedies for health problems in all types of ages.

Benefits of using Home Remedies for your Children

1. No harmful side effects:

Natural remedies have no harmful side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs often cause adverse reactions which cause harmful side effects in the patients taking them.

2. Increase immunity

Natural remedies provide increased immunity as it increases the body’s ability to ward off diseases.

3.  They are DIY

I don’t know about you, but I love doing things myself.  I love being able to create unique, affordable remedies that work for my family. I love being able to totally control the ingredients in them. I love knowing that if someone isn’t feeling well, I have what I need in the kitchen to whip up something to make them feel better in minutes. That’s just awesome.

4. Widespread availability

Yet another advantage of herbal medicines are their availability. In some remote parts of the world, herbs may be the only treatment available to the majority of people.

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