How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Once you decide to get pregnant, every negative pregnancy test can be a big blow to your confidence. As your goal is probably to conceive as soon as possible, you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Here are some tips that can help you on your journey toward parenthood.

Track your menstrual cycle

The first thing you have to pay attention to when you want a baby is your menstrual cycle. See whether it tends to occur regularly every month. By tracking and making sure your period isn’t irregular, you will be able to predict when you might be ovulating. If you need some help in this department, there are many useful apps that you can download.

Monitor your ovulation

As ovulation is the period when your ovaries will release eggs, you want to be aware of when it’s occurring. Ovulation usually happens two weeks before the period but you can also look for changes in your cervical mucus to notice when you start ovulating. Keep in mind that an egg is viable for about a day once it’s released. If the egg is fertilized during this time, it will continue its way to the uterus where it will implant into the uterine lining.

Know when to have sex

While an egg is viable for 24 hours, sperm can survive for up to five days in the female reproductive tract. With that in mind, it’s essential that you get your timing right. If your menstrual cycle is regular, your fertile window will begin seven days before the ovulation and you want to try for a baby during this time frame. Moreover, you don’t have to think about various positions that might be the best for conceiving, as research shows that there is no particular position that is best. However, sitting or standing during intercourse can discourage the sperm from going upstream. Furthermore, you want to stay in bed for 15 minutes after having sex and not go to the bathroom straight away in order to encourage the sperm to get into the cervix.

Eat healthy foods

Being healthy is also a big factor when trying to get pregnant. As being overweight or underweight can reduce your odds of conceiving, you want to eat healthy foods that will prepare your body for pregnancy. For example, add a variety of veggies and fruits to your diet as well as lean protein, whole grains, and dairy products. You want healthy sources of fat and nutrients like calcium and iron. You should also avoid foods high in mercury such as swordfish and king mackerel.

Quit unhealthy habits

In addition to adopting a healthier diet, you want to cut back on some unhealthy habits or quit them altogether. For example, smoking can not only affect your fertility levels but it can also have a detrimental effect on the baby once you conceive. Even second-hand smoke can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Moreover, it’s recommended you avoid marijuana and other recreational drugs as well as alcohol when trying to make a baby.

Take prenatal vitamins

Medical experts recommend that persons that are trying to get pregnant start taking prenatal vitamins even before actually conceiving. It will allow you to find a vitamin that is agreeable to your system and that you can use during pregnancy. You can also opt for a multivitamin that contains at least 400 mcg of folic acid as this B vitamin is vital for preventing birth defects. Taking folic acid supplements for a month before you start expecting will help your baby’s brain and spine develop properly.

Look for ways to de-stress

Trying to get pregnant without instant results can be very demoralizing. However, by putting pressure on yourself, you are actually making it more difficult to conceive. With that in mind, you want to look for ways how you can de-stress. For example, acupuncture, massages, and light exercise can all be of help. Lastly, you can also just try having sex for fun without any expectations.

Go in for a checkup

Finally, if nothing seems to be working, it’s time to get checked out. Your physician should provide you with useful advice and send you to a specialist that will help you determine whether you or your partner have fertility issues. They will inform you of your options and how you can proceed.

In case you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, you might be overlooking some of these important aspects. From ensuring you are in your fertility window to leaving some bad habits behind, there are several ways how you can modify your approach. Good luck!

10 Baby Products You Should Have As First-Time Mother


Deep down, you are nervous when it’s your first baby. From the pain of delivery to routine changes, everything intimidates you. Little did you know, things can be really handy. All you have to do is be vigilant and know what baby products to add to your parenting life.

In this article, we are about to disclose the 10 essential baby products. Not only will they ease your life, but you’d also be thankful to have them for your entire life.

10 Baby Products You Should Have As a First Time Mother

1. Clothes

Not knowing your baby’s gender is fine as a surprise can be more fruitful. What knowing important is your town’s climate and your baby’s birth month. If your due date is winter, layers of the sheet, knitted, thick clothes would more likely suit your baby.

Keep lightweight and air-flowing clothes for baby coming in summers. These clothes will keep your baby extremely contented in the hottest months of the year. Newborn readily outgrows the clothes and stuff. So, try not to bring yourself a stack of clothes.

2. Diapers

After clothes, the diaper keeps the most value for newborns. Whether you prefer disposable or cloth diapers, bring them earlier. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your husband to run after diapers with the initiation of your labor pains.

Besides getting diapers, you should also get a diaper bag. Divided into multiple compartments, this bag allows you to keep plenty of baby gears and stuff out and about. In any case, if you are running out of budget, using any casual tote bags with certain compartments will also do fine.

3. Baby Wipes

Running nose of your baby, or potty, anything can strike you, anytime. After all, he’s a newborn and has got surprises for you. To avoid all these yucky messes, do mention baby wipes in your baby-shopping list. Don’t forget; the fragrant ones can bring irritation to your baby’s skin. So pick wisely.

4. Bath Stuff

The more your baby will be clean, the less he’ll cry. This is one of the most probable conditions a few parents pay no heeds to. In that regard, get shampoo and soap that brings no tears to your little one’s eye. A bath towel is also accountable as vital baby bath stuff.

Although you’ll need a bathtub after a couple of months of your newborn’s arrival, you’ll need it at least. Tubs can really make your job handy in the bathrooms. And, adding a few toys to it can turn out your infant’s bathing time even more fun.

5. Grooming Set

The baby grooming set includes a pair of scissors, thermometer, brush, nail cutter, nail file, pacifier, and a few more things. You see how important is this stuff, and you forgot to list down that. Keep a check, which one is the best grooming set out there, and ship one.

6. Breast Feeding Equipment

While this section doesn’t concern your baby, it does concern you. If you’ll keep your baby on breastfeeding, plan to have breast pads, breast pumps, milk bags, and an ointment to soothe your wounded skin. Otherwise, bottle feeders are your ultimate product.

Burp cloths, bibs, and nursing pillows can also be helpful for you in parenting. While burp cloth wipes off the fluids your baby discharge from his mouth, bibs prevent solid spread. Better than several regular pillows, nursing pillows save you from neck and shoulder aches.

7. Stroller

A stroller with a car seat is called a travel system. And, that one is quite essential to have right after your baby. Grocery shopping and walks won’t seize after your newborn’s birth, will they? To get a brief account of the best travel system for your baby, check

You would also not like to give up your active lifestyle if you are an active parent. Well, no one said you would have to. Just be careful while buying your jogging stroller and give it a go. Take note, jogging with a baby of less than 6 months in a stroller is a serious threat.

8. Crib

If you are thinking of getting your baby sleeping in the bassinet, you are mistaken. Doctors and experts strictly prohibit long hours of baby’s sleep in bassinets, strollers, slings, or carriers. That because harm your baby and led him to suffocation.

Your best choice for baby sleeping could be a crib. Cribs with a firm back and the lowest distances between the rails are ideal. If you are buying a second-hand crib, give it a brief check. Drop-side cribs should also not be your choice in a crib. Leading several babies to death, they are banned in the United States for 11 years now.

9. Play Mat

For a mobile baby, a play mat works the best. Playing mats refer to the soft mats that come over with toys and light, sometimes. Not only do these mats protect your baby’s back from the frosty floor, but it does get him to enjoy.

10. Swaddles

Baby swaddles are the sheet you wrap against your baby’s body. These sheets are versatile, able to work for you in different conditions. Instead of sending your baby to sleep with the heavy blanket he can go under, take in use swaddles.

Besides being used as a sleeping cover, mothers out there also cover it while breastfeeding. If thought well, this can be a good choice for you too.

Bottom Line

If you have all of these for your about to come baby, you can stay stress-free. Because these are the most essential yet easy-making-life products. You can pamper your newborn in the best possible way with these in your hands.

And, if you are still not done buying with any of these, get it now. Perhaps, your baby may want to come out soon. You never know!

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