A Peculiar Bond – A Poem by Sanskriti Kansal

Trapped in captivated moments,
Moments when you realize,
Realize that you have been smiling,
Smiling like an idiot thinking,
Thinking someone in a way,
Way that lead you,
You to an inertia of delirium.

But thinking about?
About soon to be mother;
As time was near,
I realized,
Realized I was wrong.


My beliefs,
I used to believe,
That having a child is a responsibility,

But no!

I was wrong ,
Oh! Now I understood,
That it’s a feeling of love,
Which can never pass into nothingness.

It’s a time,
Time I believe,
Believe eternal is another word for love.

A moment of a feeling,
Holding a my child in my arms,
Is so beautiful!

Want this feeling to be,
As permanent as skies.

All things within this fading world hath end.
But this feeling is another meaning of immortal.

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